The Simple Woman’s Daybook – Sept. 10

Another week, another installment of The Simple Woman’s Daybook.

Outside my window… I see the construction of the boys’ tree loft in-process. P’s dad has been coming every couple of days to work on it, and Gray has been out there with him all day, helping carry things, holding boards in place, and—hopefully—learning a little bit about carpentry and building things from the ground up. So far, they’ve gotten the framework up, minus the trusses for the floor. Pics are at the bottom of the post.

I am thinking… of tomorrow’s date, and hoping nothing else like that ever happens again. Things are looking so dark in the world…

I am thankful… for a “new” friend, sent by God, to stand with me in faith for complete healing. We’ve been friends for quite a few years now, but never in this way. Earlier this summer, God took our less-than-ideal circumstances and used them to rekindle our friendship on a whole new level: the spiritual. Together we’re learning to trust and seek God within a whole new dimension of faith, and we learn and share (amazing) things together every day. After two years of enduring indescribable illness while feeling utterly alone, I at last have a friend to pray along with me and believe for mountains to move! Someone to encourage me to continually resist the attacks on my health…and someone for which I can do all of these things in return. I’m truly thankful every time I think of her. ❤

I am going… to attend and be active in a full-Gospel church, once I’m well.

I am wondering… when we’ll start getting some cooler weather. It’s been known to happen here (for a few days, at least) in September before.

I am hoping… that our elderly neighbor stays vibrant and healthy for a long time to come. We love him like family and I think he feels the same about us. He’s a great blessing in our lives, and I hope we are in his.

I am looking forward to… long bike rides on Saturday mornings. I know they’re going to happen again!

I am learning… that Facebook is best in very small doses, as infrequently as possible. More often than not, time there makes me cynical and hopeless for the next generation and about society in general, and I know wallowing in that is not what God wants for me. I’m learning that I’m happier on the days that I don’t open my newsfeed.

Around the house… our washing machine finally bit the dust this weekend, and on Monday P went and bought a new one. I’ve been enjoying being able to wash clothes again without babysitting the washer. For months we’ve been setting timers on our phones to remind us to go in and change each cycle manually…which gets old, fast. Ain’t nobody got time ‘fo dat!

I am pondering… Righteousness (the Biblical, New-Testament kind that Jesus provides). After a lifetime of living completely bound by condemnation (because I sin. A lot), I’ve finally tapped into the revelation of righteousness in Christ. No matter how badly I fail, as a believer in Jesus, I’ve been forgiven and made righteous in God’s eyes, and that will never change. Sure, there’s always the need to acknowledge sins and to repent frequently in order to maintain a close, open relationship with God. But regardless of anything I do or don’t do, my Spirit is completely, eternally righteous and cleansed thanks to Jesus. Apparently this isn’t particularly revelatory for many (Philip has been trying to explain it to me for years as he saw me continuously bound by condemnation, but to no avail), but for me, it is. I’m still learning to accept this, hence the pondering. But, wow! The freedom I’m starting to taste helps me to finally see why the Gospel truly does mean “good news”!

A favorite quote for today… 

Again, remembering the 20th anniversary of September 1994.  Last week I explained how things changed for Philip and me that fall, starting with Labor day and the weeks after. This quote sums up what was happening between us as we stepped unintentionally from long-term friendship to love. And twenty years later, we still haven’t recovered. I expect we never will. 😉

One of my favorite things… is lying in bed at night, talking with Philip. It’s the best part of my day. We talk about all kinds of things, but our favorite subjects are faith & doctrine, and reminiscing about all kinds of things—growing up in the same town and having many mutual friends & acquaintances, there are so many stories. There are ones that make us laugh no matter how many times we re-tell them to each other. Way too often, we’ve been known to stay up past 2 or 3 am, frequently giggling that giggle that makes you go silent and shaking, consumed by hilarity for a while. Being married to P truly is like having a slumber party with my best friend every night.

A peek into my day…


Gray and P's dad, working hard getting the tree loft frame built.

Gray and P’s dad, working hard getting the tree loft frame built.

Every day, Reagan makes his way down to where they're working and lays down to watch.

Every day, Reagan makes his way down to where they’re working and lays down to watch. He’s always been a good foreman.

As always, The Simple Woman’s Daybook is open to all who wish to participate.



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