The Simple Woman’s Daybook – Dec. 30

Outside my window… A dreary winter’s day. Overcast and cold (not too cold, though).
View from living room, into back yard.

View from living room, into back yard.

I am thinking…about how God has called me to do something this week, and how I need to go about doing that.
I am thankful…for answered prayers, and for the sweet, peaceful words God’s spoken into my heart lately.
I am going…to make a prayer corner in our bedroom, a designated spot in which to pray and spend time with the Lord.
I am wondering…if people who are able to leave their homes and go out & about, even to do mundane errands like grocery trips, realize just how lucky they are.
I am reading…nothing in particular right now. I went on a reading binge recently and plowed through several books I’d been “reading” for a year or more. One was a novel that chronicles a year in the life of a feudal medieval woman, another was the BTK story. I also read a heart-wrenching memoir of a young Jewish boy’s plight during the Holocaust in Poland, which I’ll blog more about later.
I am hoping…that mountains move in the near future.(Mark 11:22-24) To clarify, I’m not merely hoping they’ll move, because I know these mountains will move. I just hope it’s in the near future that they do. 😉
I am looking forward to…living in England someday, hopefully before my boys are grown. I’d like to do a house exchange with another family for a year.
I am learning…that many Christians aren’t open to challenging their doctrines, such as questioning whether they’re based in church tradition or on the wisdom of men, rather than on simple Biblical truth. I often feel like a lone voice in the wilderness, but I feel compelled to speak out continually, despite the resistance. The Church is in desperate need of another Great Awakening.
Around the house…we’re out of our routine because of the holidays, and it’s making me a little crazy. We’re off school and the boys are spending their days playing outside and playing with their new toys.
I am pondering… God’s grace and the freedom we have in Christ. I was taught all my life that God is angry at us and rejects us when we fail, but praise God, that’s not true. His anger over my sin fell on Jesus while He was on the cross. Jesus took all the anger and punishment for my sin, forevermore. Because I believe on Jesus, I’m free from that guilt, fear, and shame. I am the righteousness of Christ. It’s been incredibly hard for me to shed a lifetime of wrong thinking, but I’m learning. I spend a great deal of time reading and listening to teachings on grace and the freedom that righteousness in Christ gives me. When I fail (which is often), I’m already forgiven; all I have to do is remember that and receive it each time. God continually sees me through the lens of Jesus’ righteousness!
A favorite quote for today…
On the same note as what I was talking about above:
One of my favorite things… is listening to Healing School teachings from Charis Bible College. I like to play a teaching while I rest in the afternoons, and sometimes before bed at night. These teachings are very practical, yet anointed, and they soothe and comfort me as I let the truth of God’s nature sink into my soul.
A few plans for the rest of the week: The New Year is upon us! We plan on doing the usual on NYE, which is have snacks and play games with the boys until midnight. We listen to good music, watch the ball drop in NYC at 11pm our time, and then for midnight, we turn to the local news station and watch the Pelican Drop to ring in our New Year.
A peek into my day…since absolutely nothing is going on today, here’s a picture of the boys opening their gifts on Christmas morning. They got games, Legos, and Minecraft action figures.
Opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Opening gifts on Christmas morning.


2 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook – Dec. 30

  1. Cam, I have one request. I would like to be able to download the pictures that you put on this blog. I can not even make them larger. I need lots of Christmas pictures!


  2. I hope your week was great.
    Yes, it took me a while to figure out “the fear of God” was an antiquated teaching.
    It’s all about God’s love, patience and giving to us the greatest gift.
    Sure, there are rules to follow… and we need forgiveness, but we need not STRESS!
    Cute pic!!!
    Love & Hugs,


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