The Simple Woman’s Daybook – April 23

Outside my window… A gorgeous spring morning.

I finally got all my potted plants refreshed and ready for the season, and the herb garden planted. It’s not even that hot outside; it’s 80 degrees.

I am thinking…of our sweet boy Reagan, whom we made the painful decision to euthanize last Tuesday. He was 16 1/2 years old (vet said about 108 in human years), and we got the honor of being his owners for exactly 13 of those years. I miss him. :-/

I am going… to take a road trip out west the moment I’m well. We need to see the Grand Canyon, and I need to visit a handful of dear friends who live in Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon. We plan to drive west to the Grand Canyon, visit LA (and stalk a couple of celebs…just kidding…kind of 😉 ), go up to Nevada and then over to Oregon, up through Washington, back down and east to see Colorado, and then make our way southeast from there. I can hardly wait.

I am wondering… when.

I am reading…The Gospel in Ten Words.  I’m only just starting it, but so far it’ already knocking my socks off. Basically, it’s about living in Christ’s freedom and not under the burden that so many religious denominations and their traditions have placed upon believers. A reviewer nails it with this comment: “It is evident that [the author] longs for all Christians to understand and live in the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul declared, ‘It is for freedom that you have been set free’. The author…urges all Christians to experience the reality of relationship with God rather than following a religion for God.”

I am hoping…that something big we’re waiting for comes through as planned.

I am looking forward to…the above thing happening as planned, and on schedule. 😉

I am learning…that no matter how hard I try, I can’t make people love me or accept me. Nor can I make people care about the long-term struggle I’ve had with infirmity. And I’m learning that God sees me and how much all the rejection has wounded me. He’s teaching me that I can (and should!) always run to Him, and that He always loves me and accepts me—no explanations needed. He never rejects. I’ve always known that, but He’s been driving it home lately, and I love Him for it.

Around the house…Schoolwork, and more schoolwork. We’re working hard to finish up this year in decent time. Philip is working hard meeting deadlines. Pippin is chattering away incessantly. And Reagan’s absence feels like a hole that will remain open and aching for the foreseeable future.

I am pondering…some things that were stirred in my spirit last Friday night while watching our revival service.

A favorite quote for today…

Isn’t this so true? I’ve worked hard to get this down into my boys’ spirits, because I didn’t want them to be like me, and not realize this or embrace their unique personalities until well into adulthood. I’ve learned to be myself and love every minute of it (except for the things I truly do need to change).


One of my favorite things… is watching The Gilmore Girls. This is actually something I thought I’d never say, because up until late last year, I thought I hated The Gilmore Girls. I thought it was an annoying, boring show. It comes on ABC Family in the mornings right after The 700 Club, which I watch daily. For years, I’ve seen it come on and thought, “What a boring show. How is it so popular?” Well, the truth is, I’d never given it a chance. Fast forward to last fall, when one day after The 700 Club, the TV got left on, and I found myself laughing at a particular scene, and, let’s just say it resonated with me. I even rewound it on the DVR and called Philip in to watch the scene so he could laugh with me. So then a few days later, I left it on again, and saw yet another scene that I related to strongly. I found myself wanting to watch it every morning, but we do school during that time, so instead, I found myself hitting “record”, and then Philip and I would lie in bed and watch it before going to sleep each night. I rarely find tv shows that I like, much less that I can identify with. But I deeply identify with The Gilmore Girls—on several levels. In addition, I love the humor, the touch of romance, the often-indie-pop-culture references, and the hilarious extremes of some of the characters. It also can be a very poignant, sometimes melancholy, often bittersweet drama. It’s now one of my favorite shows of all time—right up there with Downton Abbey and Freaks and Geeks—and watching a couple of episodes each night has become Philip’s and my cherished routine.

I am thankful…for everything I have in and through Jesus Christ. I would’ve always said that before, but now, I’m actually beginning to understand what it means. It’s such good news that it makes me want to tell the world.

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, school, and more school. I have a plaster cast of Reagan’s paw print that I made the day before we took him in to be euthanized, and I’m going to paint it. I’m not quite sure what color, but I’m thinking a crimson, since that’s our living room’s accent color, and it will be put on display in the living room.

A peek into my day…

Don't ask.

Don’t ask.



One thought on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook – April 23

  1. Well, it’s about time you were back on here! I’ve missed it! I would love to see some more pictures of your yard and all you’ve done to it. Please send me some on my email!!!!!!! Also, you probably don’t care for my opinion, but I think I liked the old blog better. I could get much more larger pictures. Love you!


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