Weekly Wrap-Up – June 19 – End of School Year, Book-Loving Boys, and Borat

We finished the 2014-15 school year last Friday, June 12. Yay! I’m not sure who was more relieved—Grayson, or myself. We had both worked so hard to get him finished before the end of June. From March until June 12, we only took one day off, and that was the day Reagan died. He even did work on weekends (tests, review sheets). In the end, we ended up finishing two weeks earlier than I’d originally thought we would. Desmond ended up getting eight weeks into 2nd grade before we stopped for our break. Not too shabby.

This past week, our first week off of school, we did absolutely nothing! The boys loved having days completely free to do whatever they wanted. Mostly that consisted of playing outside (despite heat indices of 108 each day), playing games (I played with them a little), and a lot of reading. They built a tent in Gray’s bedroom and spent a good deal of time in there reading their new library books. P took them both to the library on Tuesday; a trip on which Des applied for and received his very own library card. They each returned with a stack of books…

Gray's Library Haul.

Gray’s Library Haul.


Des' library haul. 17 books!

Des’ library haul. 17 books!


Des has been reserving books by series. He read all the “Horrible Harry” books that our county’s library system had, and now he’s moved on to “The Time Warp Trio” series. I like these books because they teach history. He likes them because they’re fun to read, and he gets to “time travel” along with the kids in the books.

Gray has been enjoying Gordon Korman’s “Swindle” series. He’s just finishing up the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series, which I’m not as thrilled about him reading. We decided if he started displaying disrespectful or negative attitudes (which are rampant in the books), that he wouldn’t read them anymore; so far he hasn’t, so that’s good. 🙂 He’s a pretty respectful kid overall. Every now and then he’ll display a bad or disrespectful attitude, but after being sent to sit on his bed for a while, he’ll get it right with God and come apologize and tell us how he was wrong, and what he needs to do differently. His little brother has a more difficult time with his attitude, which we’re working diligently to help him overcome. The best tactic is to always point him (or them) to Jesus; I find that some time spent alone with Jesus always softens their hearts.

Our library loans out DVDs, and I’ve been using that service lately. We stopped our Netflix account a year or two ago, which makes watching movies a little more difficult. I checked out the two Elizabeth movies that star Cate Blanchett, and we enjoyed watching those. P and I did, that is. They’re not for kids. Which is sad, because they would’ve been great to go along with our history studies. Then during last week’s library haul, P checked out Borat: Cultural Learnings of America. 


Yes, they actually had this DVD at the public library!  It’s rated R (for very good reasons) and is not something I would ever expect our public library to carry. It is not for children, that’s for sure. But nevertheless, P and I have wanted to watch it for years, but have never gotten around to it. So this week P and I watched it, including all the special features, and found it to be hilarious despite the crude humor. “Borat” leaves his home country of Khazakhstan and travels the USA, meeting and interacting with regular, unsuspecting people who have no idea they’re being punk’d by Sasha Baron Cohen. The results are hysterical while at the same time, nearly unbearably uncomfortable. P and I needed a laugh this week, and Borat delivered, at no cost to us. I love the library!

The boys love the library, too. Sometimes they accompany me on my evening walks, but they don’t want to put their book down. They will literally walk and read while walking down the road.

Exercising while reading.

Exercising while reading.

Why not?

Why not?

One thought on “Weekly Wrap-Up – June 19 – End of School Year, Book-Loving Boys, and Borat

  1. I love that you put the parameter on G that if his attitude changed, the books went away. We did that with the Horrid Henry series. Funny, but after a few books, we stopped reading them. Hmmph.
    As for D, I am so glad he loves to read.
    Hugs to you all. Glad you finished school! Not us. Sigh.


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