My Very Own Daybook!

I want to keep doing the daybook thing each week or so, but I haven’t been able to keep up with the “Simple Woman’s Daybook” like I’d hoped. It just has too many prompts, and they cover subject matter that’s too deep and takes too much time to answer, and the prompts kind of repeat themselves (“Thinking…” and “Pondering…” mean pretty much the same thing in my mind). I’m looking for something that’s quick and easy enough to do that I’ll not only have the time to do it each week, but that I’ll also continue to want to do each week. I need a quick and simple way to keep a daybook/journal on my blog, for the sake of recording things that are going on with us. I did some searching online and found a few daybook/journal link-ups with questions that didn’t really fit what I want to do, so in the end, I’ve decided to do what I’ve always done best: Do my own thing!  And why not? Why should I have to have to find a link-up in order to do a daybook each week? And why not just come up with my own prompts that I think I would most want to cover each week? So I sat down and thought about the things I most want to reflect on & record each week, and came up with my own choice of prompts—not too many, not too few. I won’t have anyplace to link up, but I don’t care about that, anyway. I’m not writing for an audience or to gain readers; I’m writing for myself and my family. 🙂 So here begins the first installment of my own daybook (unnamed as of yet, but I’m pondering it).

Thankful for:

(I’m going to aim for at least five things each week)

  • My God and His love for me.
  • My husband…oh my goodness, what a devoted husband & father he’s been…especially the past 3 years. I could write for days about all he does for us on a daily basis.
  • My two boys. Gifts from God, in answer to my prayers for children.
  • Grace, and the new understanding about it that I’ve been given. Finally understanding the Gospel of Grace has changed my life.
  • Our home and the beautiful property that surrounds it.
  • Trees. I can’t look at one without being amazed. And they give us so much more than we realize.


A Fine Romance: Falling in Love With the English Countryside

This book is absolutely delightful. Artist/author Susan Branch kept a journal of her two-month trip to England on which she and her husband visited dozens of country towns and villages throughout the English countryside, staying in quaint cottages and rented flats along the way. She describes all of the places and properties they visit, many of which are National Trust sites. I really enjoy her style—she catches and lists all the little details that I’d notice myself. To add to the warmth and charm of the book’s content, she includes her delightful watercolor paintings and sketches throughout.
Here are some examples:

She uses her photos from her trip, but she also paints scenes and borders and headings.

She uses her photos from her trip, but she also paints scenes and borders and headings.

Her watercolor skills are amazing! I love all her little details, even the letters she paints.

Her watercolor skills are amazing! I love all her little details, even the letters she paints.

Can you see what a pleasure it is to read and look at each page?

Can you see what a pleasure it is to read and look at each page? If you love England, you will adore this book!

Occasionally she'll paint an entire page, words included. Lovely and enchanting.

Occasionally she’ll paint an entire page, words included. Lovely and enchanting.

I’m just over halfway through the book, which is 260 pages, all just like the samples above. I’m trying to savor every page because I don’t want it to end. I told P this is going to be my guidebook when we go live in England for a year. 😉

Listening To:

The boys making their usual non-stop racket while eating lunch. They take forever to eat because they’re so busy talking to each other about anything and everything.
The bird is chattering away (“Mr. Pippin, I’m a parakeet! (I) can’t get up, can’t get up, can’t get up!” and various other phrases all mashed together…he’s hysterical).


Philip and I look forward each night to our time together before we turn in. Even though he works from home, he’s in work-mode all day and during the evenings he’s in Daddy mode, and after the boys go to bed he’s in clean-up mode. We usually meet up in the sanctuary of our bedroom by 10:30-11:00 each night. Often, we watch our favorite program together—for months, it was Frasier, but we finally watched every episode from all 11 seasons (brilliant show, btw), so now we’re making our way through Gilmore Girls (another brilliant show). But we put that on hold recently to spend time watching Healing School teachings from Charis Bible College. We’ve both been marinating in their teachings lately, getting those truths down into our spirits. I listen to the teachings during the day too, but P can only listen at night when he can focus.
We both look forward to our time together each night—a couple of hours of just us, hanging out and spending time together. Sometimes we just read and don’t watch anything. Sometimes we listen to music, and very occasionally, we’ll watch a movie together. The kittens have taken to joining us on the bed every night, too. They love to snuggle up and sleep next to us for as long as possible (P kicks them out right before we turn out the lights; he refuses to sleep with animals).


The boys are still enjoying their time off from school. They’ve spent most days outside with no shortage of time in the woods. Des broke out in streaks of hives on his legs last week, assumedly from some plant he came in contact with in the woods. Since it was looking worse rather than better on Monday, we took him to the dermatologist just to make sure it wasn’t something else, like hives from something he’d eaten (not likely since they were only on his legs). She confirmed that it would be everywhere else on his body if he’d eaten something he was allergic to, and also that it looks like an allergic reaction to a plant to her. Maybe poison sumac (we have it everywhere), but more likely he got snagged by vines that had some secretion that he’s allergic to. She prescribed a round of steroids but said it was really unnecessary to fill it unless he starts getting much worse—to fill it if we think he ends up needing it. I don’t think he’ll need it because it looks like it may be getting a little better now.

On Tuesday, it was 99 degrees by 10am, so they decided they’d like to play outside in the sprinkler. Sounded like a great idea, since our grass has gotten crunchy from all the hot days and lack of rain. They had a ball and stayed cool in the water for a couple of hours (being in the sprinkler always turns into outright playing in the water directly from the hose).

Unfortunately, they ended up with pretty painful sunburns across their shoulders and upper backs. So I got to try out a sunburn remedy I’d only read about: vinegar. People swear by it for taking the sting out of a sunburn. I soaked paper towels in vinegar and put them across their shoulders, letting them sit for a while. I occasionally re-soaked them in vinegar and put them back on. Afterward, I rubbed some coconut oil on their shoulders to moisturize. Des said his burn feels much better this morning. Gray still had pain when he woke up, so we re-did the vinegar treatment on him. It’s very soothing and cooling.


About how tonight is the summer premiere of Under The Dome, our family’s favorite TV show (except for The Middle, but we’ve seen all of those). The boys have been counting down (okay, we have, too), and tonight’s finally the night.

And about what to name this journal/daybook. I just want something simple. Maybe I’ll know by next week. 🙂


  • That healing would manifest very soon in my body. I know it’s coming, but I pray for it to be soon.
  • For Philip to continue having the health and strength to do all he has to do.
  • For greater understanding of Grace, and everything Jesus bought for me. The Gospel of Grace is almost too good to be true, and has been very hard for me to accept due to old doctrines that are so hard to break free from, but He’s helping me.
  • For greater understanding of His love for me, which has also been hard to fully accept.
  • For Philip to be able to get more work done so he can make a liveable income, which is going to require me being healed.
  • For more of the Holy Spirit and more of His Presence.


The girls come running in whenever they hear grocery bags rustling. Grocery day is their favorite day—they get to jump and play all over the bags until everything is put away.

The girls come running in whenever they hear grocery bags rustling. Grocery day is their favorite day—they get to jump and play all over the bags until everything is put away. You can’t tell from the picture, but there’s some serious kitten play going on here!

I’m already thinking of a couple of other prompts I may add. Maybe an “around the house” prompt, if there’s anything interesting going on around the house, that is. Or “outside my window”. I don’t want it to get too long, though. Hopefully I’ll be back with more next week.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook – Sept. 10

Another week, another installment of The Simple Woman’s Daybook.

Outside my window… I see the construction of the boys’ tree loft in-process. P’s dad has been coming every couple of days to work on it, and Gray has been out there with him all day, helping carry things, holding boards in place, and—hopefully—learning a little bit about carpentry and building things from the ground up. So far, they’ve gotten the framework up, minus the trusses for the floor. Pics are at the bottom of the post.

I am thinking… of tomorrow’s date, and hoping nothing else like that ever happens again. Things are looking so dark in the world…

I am thankful… for a “new” friend, sent by God, to stand with me in faith for complete healing. We’ve been friends for quite a few years now, but never in this way. Earlier this summer, God took our less-than-ideal circumstances and used them to rekindle our friendship on a whole new level: the spiritual. Together we’re learning to trust and seek God within a whole new dimension of faith, and we learn and share (amazing) things together every day. After two years of enduring indescribable illness while feeling utterly alone, I at last have a friend to pray along with me and believe for mountains to move! Someone to encourage me to continually resist the attacks on my health…and someone for which I can do all of these things in return. I’m truly thankful every time I think of her. ❤

I am going… to attend and be active in a full-Gospel church, once I’m well.

I am wondering… when we’ll start getting some cooler weather. It’s been known to happen here (for a few days, at least) in September before.

I am hoping… that our elderly neighbor stays vibrant and healthy for a long time to come. We love him like family and I think he feels the same about us. He’s a great blessing in our lives, and I hope we are in his.

I am looking forward to… long bike rides on Saturday mornings. I know they’re going to happen again!

I am learning… that Facebook is best in very small doses, as infrequently as possible. More often than not, time there makes me cynical and hopeless for the next generation and about society in general, and I know wallowing in that is not what God wants for me. I’m learning that I’m happier on the days that I don’t open my newsfeed.

Around the house… our washing machine finally bit the dust this weekend, and on Monday P went and bought a new one. I’ve been enjoying being able to wash clothes again without babysitting the washer. For months we’ve been setting timers on our phones to remind us to go in and change each cycle manually…which gets old, fast. Ain’t nobody got time ‘fo dat!

I am pondering… Righteousness (the Biblical, New-Testament kind that Jesus provides). After a lifetime of living completely bound by condemnation (because I sin. A lot), I’ve finally tapped into the revelation of righteousness in Christ. No matter how badly I fail, as a believer in Jesus, I’ve been forgiven and made righteous in God’s eyes, and that will never change. Sure, there’s always the need to acknowledge sins and to repent frequently in order to maintain a close, open relationship with God. But regardless of anything I do or don’t do, my Spirit is completely, eternally righteous and cleansed thanks to Jesus. Apparently this isn’t particularly revelatory for many (Philip has been trying to explain it to me for years as he saw me continuously bound by condemnation, but to no avail), but for me, it is. I’m still learning to accept this, hence the pondering. But, wow! The freedom I’m starting to taste helps me to finally see why the Gospel truly does mean “good news”!

A favorite quote for today… 

Again, remembering the 20th anniversary of September 1994.  Last week I explained how things changed for Philip and me that fall, starting with Labor day and the weeks after. This quote sums up what was happening between us as we stepped unintentionally from long-term friendship to love. And twenty years later, we still haven’t recovered. I expect we never will. 😉

One of my favorite things… is lying in bed at night, talking with Philip. It’s the best part of my day. We talk about all kinds of things, but our favorite subjects are faith & doctrine, and reminiscing about all kinds of things—growing up in the same town and having many mutual friends & acquaintances, there are so many stories. There are ones that make us laugh no matter how many times we re-tell them to each other. Way too often, we’ve been known to stay up past 2 or 3 am, frequently giggling that giggle that makes you go silent and shaking, consumed by hilarity for a while. Being married to P truly is like having a slumber party with my best friend every night.

A peek into my day…


Gray and P's dad, working hard getting the tree loft frame built.

Gray and P’s dad, working hard getting the tree loft frame built.

Every day, Reagan makes his way down to where they're working and lays down to watch.

Every day, Reagan makes his way down to where they’re working and lays down to watch. He’s always been a good foreman.

As always, The Simple Woman’s Daybook is open to all who wish to participate.