The Ranger

That’s me!

Rang•er – n. An official in charge of a forest, park, estate, nature reserve, etc.

Since I’m both the mom and the teacher, I’m The Ranger: the “official” who is “in charge” of the running of our home, the running of our homeschool, and, most importantly, I’m in charge of my students— otherwise known as the scouts!

I’ve never been easy to define, but I’ll at least list some things about myself:

I’m a wife (married to Philip for 16 adventurous years!) and mother of two boys (ages 10 & 6).

I love my family and love to be around them. I love having two boys. I did not want a girl the second time around. I actually wish I’d had two more children—four boys in all!

I truly enjoy homeschooling. I knew it was what I would do even before I had children, and it’s been every bit as fun, interesting, and as enjoyable as I imagined (and then some!).

I enjoy reading every chance I get.

I’m a writer at heart. I’ve written stories since I was in high school. I’m also very wordy, both when I write and when I talk.

I love to work out…especially walking and jogging. It’s such a stress relief and it gives me time to daydream, which is something I tend to do (I write stories in my head constantly!).

I like yard work and gardening…pretty flowers and lush green plants make me happy.

I’m fairly skilled at light projects around the house, like repairing minor damage, painting walls & trim, and refinishing things, but I can’t say I truly enjoy it— I just like the way things look when I finish, and that’s why I do it.

I listen to a lot of music. Music moves me deeply. My playlist might be the most eclectic you’ve ever seen.

I’m artistic, though not exactly an artist. I can draw pretty well. I can’t paint at all (unless painting on a kindergarten level counts 😛 ). But I love art history and enjoy observing and studying old works of art in particular.

I’m an anglophile, and it’s my dream to live in England (not London, but in a country town or village) for a year. I want to do a house exchange with another family. While there, we would travel all over the British Isles, visiting all the castles and exploring quaint old villages. And I can listen to an English or (especially) Irish accent all day long, and never get tired of it.

I love to travel, yet, I haven’t done a lot of it. I’ve lived in Alaska for a couple of years before, I lived in New York for a few years, and I’ve been in Florida for all the other years of my life (my native state). I’ve seen many states, with the exception of those out west, which I long to see. I’ve only ever been outside the US one time, and that was Canada…whoopee! 😉 (Niagara Falls is amazing, though.) But I long to travel all over the world…but who doesn’t? There are so many places I want to see at least once, and a few places I’d love to live for a while. Aside from England & Irland, there’s Greece, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Russia, Israel, China, anywhere in the East Indies, the Pacific Islands, and the Brazilian rain forests, just to name a few places I’m really interested in and want to see.

I love to learn. Anything and everything. I like to be well-informed, and I’m always researching something. Yet, I feel like I don’t know much at all. It’s a never-ending pursuit.

I’ve always been a misfit. I learned, as an adult, to embrace that!

I’m blessed to have been paired with another misfit just like myself. Philip has always done his own thing and lived in his own little world…and that’s even an understatement to those who’ve known him for years. I guess that’s why we’ve stuck together for so long. It’s hard to say how long we’ve been together, because we grew up together and were best friends from high school on. Our friendship lasted through my ill-fated romantic relationships, through thousands of miles of separation, and through Philip’s years away at college. We were there for each other through it all.

One day—20 years ago now—I opened my eyes and realized that the one person who actually understood me was right under my nose, and we’ve been a pair ever since. We enjoy life in a way that I didn’t know was possible until we paired up.

Most importantly, I’m a believer in and follower of Christ, and am just now, at my age, finding out what that truly looks like. I grew up denominational, and remained immersed in that way of viewing the Christian life and walk, until about twelve years ago. At that time, I underwent a monumental spiritual rebirth, and my entire view of God and my relationship with him changed completely. At 28, childless and yet longing to start a family, I was given a depressing diagnosis concerning my fertility. But, just after that diagnosis, God whispered in my heart that he’s my healer. That’s a crazy notion to a Southern Baptist girl! But I took him up on his offer, and oh, my goodness. He started showing me that there was so much more than what I’d been taught all my life in church. That we can, and should, take him up on his many promises of healing, protection, and deliverance that are outlined in his Word. That he wants us to do that, and he wants us to believe the impossible. It was an incredible, eye-opening, faith-changing journey. I came out on the other side healed of endometriosis, and best of all, a mother…two times over! I also came out on the other side as a charismatic-leaning believer (though now, 12 years later, I’d say I’m a full-blown, non-denominational charismatic believer).

Since then, I’ve had ups and downs in my faith, and most definitely in my Christian walk. I’ve made mistakes. Some big ones. I’ve changed a lot. Over the past couple of years, as I endured the greatest trial of my life, God has shown me yet another level of faith. He’s shown me that the power of the Holy Spirit is a real and mighty weapon that he gives freely to all who ask and believe. He’s opened my eyes to the truth that he longs for the simplicity of just Him and me, in a personal, intimate relationship free of the baggage of “religion” as most know it. A relationship defined by love and grace. It’s been freedom. Complete freedom! I’m still in the midst of some major stretching, growing, and learning. But this revelation has changed who I am, it’s changed what I do and how I act, and it’s changed my view on why I’m here. I’m not here for just myself and my family, with some kindness and good deeds done on the side whenever it’s convenient. I’m here to share Jesus with others—everywhere I go—and to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, wherever He may lead me, and in whatever way He might ask me. It’s why we’re all here…

I don’t have any current pictures of myself that I want to share, but here’s a picture of Philip (“The Warden” 🙂 ) and the boys:


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