The Scouts

Scout – n.  One who explores, examines, inspects, or observes, for the purpose of obtaining information.

The Scouts of Arcadia Trails are my two boys. Their school days are spent exploring, examining, inspecting, and observing whatever information comes their way, for the purpose of obtaining the information and knowledge they need to become well-educated, learned individuals.

Let me introduce you to them.


Des (L) and Gray (R) on back-to-homeschool day 2014

Grayson is my oldest son; he’s ten.

IMG_0771  GrayStudent14

He’s working on a 6th grade level. He is very bright, exceptionally intelligent, and is the sweetest soul I’ve ever known, aside from his dad, whom he’s exactly like. He’s sensitive, kind, and very loving. He craves lots of physical contact and affection, and requires lots of interaction. He’s so easy to love; he always has been. He’s a nature fanatic, especially when it comes to birds. He’s a talented artist, like his dad. He’s incredibly creative— again, he got that from his dad! He’s a gifted writer, too. I’ll admit he gets that from both of his parents. He’s also a very active boy, and struggles a little with paying attention and staying on track. But at the same time, he enjoys his schoolwork (overall). His favorite subjects are history and science, and I suspect a big reason why is because we use a Charlotte Mason approach in those subjects, leaving him open to explore, experiment, and create things, including notebook pages, all on his own.

And then there’s my youngest son, Desmond.

IMG_7066     bratty

Des is six, and is still my baby. He has me wrapped around every one of his little fingers! He’s working on a 1st grade level. He isn’t quite as creative as his older brother, and doesn’t get as into things like creating notebook pages; instead, he actually enjoys doing worksheets for math and phonics. Go figure! He is all boy, kind of the opposite of his brother. He’s very active; rough and fearless, stubborn and independent. Did I mention stubborn? I did? Oh, okay. Moving along now. 😛  He’s quite bright, and tends to be serious a lot of the time— though he has a sharp sense of humor. He’s always been my “old soul”, and a bit moody and sensitive; again, the opposite of his brother. I love him exactly the way he is. I think there’s value in all those traits, properly harnessed and cultivated.

I’m so blessed with both of these boys. I got two completely opposite personalities, and I couldn’t love either of them any more than I do. They seem to love each other, as well (but yes, they do also argue a good bit). Despite the arguments, they’re pretty close, and they overall enjoy playing together.

choke  1902965_10152195113120770_6551020130341375997_n  Cmas13


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